Forever Deprived!

What is the most common occurrence on soap operas?


Peoples marry each other all the time! There are marriages of convenience, accidental/unwanted marriages (mainly due to drunkenness), green card & trust fund marriages, etc. But of course there are people who are in love and marry because they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Those couples deserve and ultimately get the lavish wedding of their dreams. But what’s the other thing our favorite supercouples usually get?

A honeymoon?
Well, no, not always. Some couples don’t have time or money for one. Some couples have one months later. And some just head off to their destination without looking back, and the damn honeymoon is never even shown.

What I’m talking about is…a wedding night! All lovey-dovey newlyweds should have one, right? And besides the wedding, fans want to see a sexy, romantic wedding night for their couple. And it has nothing to do with the honeymoon half the time. A wedding night is something special that shows a couple’s private celebration of their wedding and marriage. It’s a memorable time for every couple.

So, why didn’t we see Gus and Harley’s wedding night?? I mean, sure, I understand they’d be on their honeymoon in Greece off the air since their portrayers took a two-week vacation. But couldn’t the wedding night still have been shown? Couldn’t TPTB have made room for it, even if it was only one little scene?

GusH is a very beloved couple that has existed for almost five years. They’ve been through so many obstacles together. They’ve had numerous good times and bad times. It took them so long to finally get married, which was a wonderful occasion. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfect for them and the fans. After waiting years and months for it to happen, wouldn’t a wedding night have been fantastic? I believe it would have been icing on the cake!

Just imagine… GusH arrive at their gorgeous honeymoon suite in Santorini, and Gus carries his bride over threshold. They celebrate their love and marriage in romantic style… They have a lovely candlelight dinner with champagne. They share their sweet dessert and end up dancing to soft music. Any talking they do…is quite simple and romantic… They simply bask in their love and shut out the entire world. Eventually they make love for the first time as husband and wife; it’s very slow and gentle… They’d have the sexiest yet most loving love scene ever. Their afterglow would add to the love and beauty.

Now wouldn’t that have been wonderful to see? Wouldn’t it have been great to witness a part of their intimate happiness? How dare TPTB deprive us of Gus and Harley’s wedding night!

Wedding nights are obviously important to me. I believe they’re sacred, especially to true love soap opera couples. GusH is definitely true love. And yes, couples do marry more than once, but the very first time is the most special. I know I’m not the only one feeling deprived. But no matter what, I’m sure GusH’s wedding night was romantic and perfect for them. I bet it was one of the best nights of their life.

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