First Real Love

What do you think of when you hear Cross Creek?

You tend to think of Josh, Reva, and the Lewis family, right? I do too. But Cross Creek is significant to another couple…

Mallet and Harley first got together at Cross Creek way back in 1992. I wasn’t watching back then due to being too young, but someone hooked us fans up with some clips. It was good to finally see Beth Ehlers’ Harley with Mark Derwin’s Mallet and also to see Harley when she was just a cute, young thang.

Let me refresh your mind… Harley went to Cross Creek to avoid Mallet because she was angry after seeing him with another woman. He tracked her down to profess his love for her and to explain how the woman meant nothing to him. The woman took actions to get him, not the other way around. Mallet also explained how he wasn’t interested in the woman because there was someone else (Harley). He said the “L” word to Harley so many times while she tried to make sense of it and figure out how they’d be together. She professed her love too, and they spent plenty of quality time together (they made love for the first time).

So, now let me say how blessed I feel to have seen those scenes. I loved seeing the start of Harlet’s romantic relationship! It was a major point in Harlet history as well as a special time for Harleteers.

I’ve watched the scenes over and over again. What Harleteer hasn’t? But I’ll never forget the first time I saw them, after downloading them all first of course. I was lying on my bed on my stomach with my feet towards the headboard. I was wearing my terry-cloth robe. My eyes were glued to my laptop; each scene was wonderful and left me excited for the next. They were adorable and sweet together. I loved hearing them say “I love you”. I loved their song in the background: “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Percy Sledge; it set the tone perfectly… Love was in the air. And with the love scenes…my whole body was on fire; I really needed some cool air. Harlet were going slow and being very loving, but they were still so damn hot! The very last scene was the sweetest because they were just so happy to finally be in love together.

After seeing every scene, I had the biggest, brightest smile on my face. I was so happy! When I went downstairs, I stood in the doorway of the backdoor and embraced the cold, winter air. I really needed it, lol! And of course I went back and re-watched everything, but soon I was only re-watching the love scenes. They’re the best parts, lol!

All humor aside… Cross Creek showed how great Mallet and Harley were and proved what a supercouple they were. I assume they were the sweetest, hottest couple around back then. I’m sure I would have loved them if I had been old enough. Harley is good with anybody, and she seemed to be the best with Mallet (back then). He was her first true love; what they had was something special.

Can’t say that Cross Creek was the best Harlet time ever because I haven’t seen every Harlet scene, but it was definitely a memorable time. It’s a time for every Harleteer to enjoy and remember forever.

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