Titanic Survival?

So, I was watching the iconic 1997 movie Titanic recently, and it had me thinking: What would GusH do as the great ship was sinking?

As many know, there is so much going on throughout the sinking of Titanic. People are getting in lifeboats. Some don't make it to the lifeboats. Everyone's panicking and freezing. Some have children, and some are with their significant other. Some couples couldn't bear to separate as the women left on lifeboats. One couple laid on their bed to die together. As we all know most don't survive, and the movie focuses on one couple - Jack and Rose, who stay on the ship until it has completely gone under. Rose was on a lifeboat since it was women & children first, but she couldn't leave without Jack. "You jump, I jump," she tells him. And that's that until death tears them apart.

Seeing all the couples either together or separated, it left me wondering what Gus and Harley would do in this tragic situation, assuming they're still a happily married couple.

Now of course, if they had their children with them, Harley couldn't chose Gus over them. Her children always comes first. Even though Daisy's old enough to leave with Zach and Jude herself, Harley wouldn't allow that. She could never say goodbye to her children. She'd have a very, very sad farewell with Gus that would make all fans cry their eyes out since women & children were first for the boats. Her kids would have a sad goodbye with him also. Gus would have company... Rafe's old enough to not be considered a child. So he's have a very sad farewell with his mom, Natalia.

Now let's suppose the kids weren't on board or ever existed in the first place. GusH are on their own with no one but each other. Would Harley be able to get onto a lifeboat and leave her husband behind? Gus is her protector; he loves her so much. Knowing he can't protector her himself, he'd would want her to be safe on a lifeboat. He would care only about her. But Harley wouldn't be easily persuaded to leave him and safe herself. She'd put up a verbal fight, and she'd proabbably be pried from him if they were near the crew loading women into the boats.

If Harley got onto a boat, I'd imagine it'd play out like the movie. They'd look at each other while the boat was being lowered just as Jack and Rose did in the movie. And like Rose, Harley would not be able to leave him and she'd climb to the ledge of the middle balcony/deck with people helping to pull her in. Gus and Harley would run to each other and vow to remain on that ship until they couldn't anymore. At least that's how I'd like to think it would pan out for GusH.

I do not think they'd give in so easily by lying in their room in each other's arms waiting for water to take their lives. That would be very sweet, but I think GusH would want to live on and make it.

By saying that they'd be like Jack and Rose means that I'm going as far to say that Gus would die and Harley would live. NO I'm SO NOT saying that! I can't even think about that. I don't want to think about that. But Gus would be concerned about only her; he'd find that big door for her to lie on. It'd be great if they found a bigger door for them to lay on together. Maybe the frigid air would get to them, and they'd die together. Or what happened to Rose would happen to them - they would be found alive and in need of heated blankets.

Let's stay positive and say that Gus & Harley would survive the great Titanic disaster.

Wouldn't that be somethin' for them to go through together and live on together? They'd be stronger than ever.

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