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I figured along with providing a link to my wallpapers I'll also write a little about them.

My very first GusH wallpaper is not available at the moment, so I'll share that one at a later date. Till then...there are plenty of wallpapers to enjoy. Some I won't write about for whatever reason, but most will be featured.

Let's start with number one, which is really number two...

I'm not sure when I made this one, but it's still one of my early wallpapers. It's not bad, though.

Ricky and Beth portray Gus and Harley of course, and they tend to kiss at events and appearances. They've never been romantically involved (she's married), but they are best friends. They kiss for the fans, and sometimes fans request them to kiss. They don't seem to mind; they probably enjoy it. Sometimes they kiss more than once, and their characters kiss all the time.

And since there have been several kisses over the years, I wanted them in one place. Thus, I created this wallpaper.

The pictures here aren't my personal photos; I've never met or seen Ricky and Beth. Luckily other people have, or at least have had photo opportunities. These pictures are from five different occasions: two personal appearances, two Daytime Emmy ceremonies, and one fan club luncheon. They started sharing kisses backstage at the Emmys all on their own for some reason, maybe to please the fans. The Guiding Light luncheon occurs annually, and their tables have always been together. The one thing to look forward to, whether attending or not, is them kissing.

Why is Ricky and Beth kissing so good? Because they have just as much chemistry off-screen as they do on-screen in character.

The phrase in the upper corner comes from a Whitney Houston/Enrigue Iglesias duet - "Could I Have This Kiss Forever". The song probably doesn't fit Ricky and Beth, but it seemed like a good inspiration. So, I came up with my little phrase; it's charming.

Now, I will tell you my favorite of all those kisses...the one in the upper center of the wallpaper - his hand on her face, and her hand touching his. There's just something so sweet and innocent about that one.

More wallpaper comments to come!

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