Guiding Light's Farewell Tribute

From last night's 36th Annual Daytime Emmys on the CW...

It could have been WAY better and longer!! GRR! The longest-running show got gipped. It was very moving until it was cut, and there were too many clips with the new production model. A lot of great moments, characters, & couples were not included in the montage. And as great as it was seeing the whole cast on stage, there could have been former cast members up there too. Some of the actors could have spoken and thanked all the viewers.

But it is what it is. Just be grateful that there was a tribute.

On the bright side, it was touching. Betty White did a great job mixing humor with sorrow. I'm glad they had a real fan speak. The montage was very well done. There was plenty shown as well as all the wonderful logos. A great song was used, but I can't say what it was. The entire cast looked radiant and appreciative of the tribute & the fans. Everyone stood for television's longest running show. At home in my room I stood too and was moved to tears.

And most relative to this blog - Of course Harley should/would be included in the montage. She was an integral character for close to 20 years. But she was only shown once, and it was with Gus. Not their best moment/scene/story... Their part was the electric kiss during the episode in which Harley's a super-hero. It was GL's collaboration with Marvel Comics. At least GusH was shown at all. And it was a kiss that proved they had a true spark together.

Credit goes to rockermom58 (via YouTube) for this clip: http://www.youtube.com/user/rockermom58

And credit goes to Daytime Confidential for the pictures: http://www.daytimeconfidential.com/2009/08/30/daytime-emmy-salutes-guiding-light

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