Guiding Light CANCELED!

Sorry for not posting this sooner. I wasn't even thinking about my blogs when this news came out, which was about two weeks ago.

Daytime Confidential, along with other various news sources, reported that Guiding Light is canceled, and the news broke on April Fool's Day. Very disrespectful and in poor taste, as most people agree. Its last air date is slated for September 18. This decision comes from CBS's top network executives, not Proctor & Gamble. The people at P&G are working to find a new home for it, and fans are doing everything they can to save it (calling, writing, signing petitions, etc).

Obviously, this news is tragic for longtime fans and viewers. It also hugely affects the entire soap opera genre and television as a whole. Guiding Light has been on radio and TV for a total of 72 years and continues to be the longest running show in broadcast history. It's the legend and top dog of the eight current soap operas, but unfortunately, it has been last in the Nielsen ratings for quite some time.

The past year, GL has been struggling with its new production format, and for the past 2 or 3 years, in my opinion, the writing has suffered greatly. That spelled doom, and I believe it received a one-year renewal to pick itself up. The production has gotten improvements, but the writing was still terrible. And now that time is up, the writing is pretty great again. The show is enjoyable again with the return of Phillip, death of Coop, Shayne & Dinah pairing, etc. Though, it is too little too late for the writing, which is what truly would have saved the show and gotten people to tune in.

All hope is not lost, and reactions keep pouring in from actors, viewers, and podcasts. There are numerous sites to check out to read further on this news and to support Guiding Light:

Keep The LIGHT Shining Blog - Here is where you can find out how where to write, who to call, and how to join the campaigning to keep Guiding Light on the air.

Keep GL On Air Petition - The MOST IMPORTANT petition you could EVER sign!!

BuzzWorthy Radio's GL Episode - A special show devoted to Guiding Light with insight on its history, what happens next, and how fans can continue supporting it.

DC Podcasts: GL Is Canceled & GL Cancellation Reactions - Daytime Confidential's brilliant coverage of the sad news.

Daytime Confidential: How Should GL End? - Report from Nelson Branco's Suds Report on some very pivotal people's opinions of how GL should end if it's not picked up somewhere else.

For more Guiding Light coverage, reactions, and even some actor interviews: visit DaytimeConfidential.com. That is my Number 1 source for everything Guiding Light and all soap opera news.

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